Rucksack Essentials

Items to have in your rucksack :

  • Spare clothing to be carried and used if wet or cold
  • Food and drink. Eat little and often
  • Torch Each person should carry one; take spare batteries and a bulb. Check it works before each mountain.
  • Pencil & Notebook You may need it in an emergency when positions, names, injuries etc. should be written and details passed on to emergency services.
  • Whistle Each person should carry a plastic whistle (metal ones can freeze in cold) and they should also be familiar with the ‘S.O.S.’ signal to alert others in times of emergency.
  • Survival Bag Usually made of heavy-duty polythene. A piece of safety equipment that may never be used but should always be carried.
  • You should wear other warm under clothing, as it is usually very cold with high wind on the summits.

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