Weather on the peaks

The importance of predicting the weather pattern before you ascend each peak can be vital to the success or failure of you and your team. Notices displaying the current weather patterns on the peaks of Ben Nevis and Snowdon are usually near the start of the routes described. It is advisable to listen to the forecast on local radio if possible.

Check your forecast before you ascend, are you liable to encounter low cloud, heavy rain, snow or scorching sun on your journey? Usually the forecast canĀ help in deciding what and how much extra clothing you need to take with you and equally whether you need sun cream, insect repellent and extra fluid.

When walking in mountainous country you can often tell if there is or will be deterioration in the weather by the onset of low cloud around the peaks.

On the National 3 Peaks snow can resent problems at certain times of the year. Driving snow creates whiteout conditions. Where conditions are very bad then only those with a great amount of experience should be on the mountains. In virtually every type of situation like this you should abandon the attempt rather than risk lives.

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