Support Team

When attempting the National 3 Peaks it is advisable to have a support team of 2-4 people who are able to drive between the 3 peaks and provide the food and drinks.

It is not advisable for walkers to both attempt the 3 peaks consecutively and drive between each area.

The general tiredness of driving the long distance between each mountain and the walker’s fatigue makes it important to have a support team.

Providing food and warm drinks to walkers is very important especially in bad conditions. The last thing walkers’ need on returning to the foothills of each peak is to start preparing food and drinks. The assistance of a support team is therefore vital.

Members of any support team should have some knowledge of first aid and should be able to recognise the symptoms of exposure. They should be aware of the location of the mountain rescue posts and nearest telephone for emergency.

The support team should keep a spare rucksack with the following inside: –

Map, Compass, Whistle, Emergency Food and Drink, Survival Bag, Notepad/Pencil, Spare Clothing, First Aid Kit, Matches, Torch (spare bulb/batteries), Mobile Telephone (not always guaranteed to function in mountainous areas, especially Scafell Pike and in Glen Nevis

Where possible two of the support team should be experienced and prepared to give assistance to walkers in an accident/emergency situation. It may be decided that the best course of action is to go straight to the aid of a walker rather than contact the mountain rescue team initially.

Any potential risks to either the injured or lost walker or the rescuer should be carefully considered before deciding your course of action.

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